Biological and biochemical treatments

Labiotest offers innovative solutions for deodorization and sanification of waste bins and cleaning of grease collecting tanks

The constant use of specific products helps to reduce maintenance and guarantees an environment free from unpleasant odors.  


Waste bins sanitation treatment

This is the ideal treatment for odors abatement in market areas, and in organic sludge storage areas or areas for the storage of waste.

Spraying systems operating at a low pressure distribute the biological-deodorizing product La.BioWaste on the surface, in order to degrade odorigenous components, without limiting the process to the mere action of covering them up.

The product should not be mixed with acid, alkaline substances or disinfectants and sanitizing products, which might modify the efficienty of its active principle.

Tank treatment condense fat

High concentration of greases and oils in wastewaters leads to the formation of superficial layers in greasesreservoirs and lifting pumps. This causes the stoppage of pumps and faulty operation of floaters. This translates into higher costs for drainage and maintenance. 

The solution is the product La.BioCPL 60 ensuring: 

  • hydrolysis of greases and other suspended materials; 
  • fermentation process opposing the dominant anaerobiceffect responsible for unpleasant smell.

The advantagesof this treatment can be summarized as follows:

  • degradation of greases due to the presence of enzymes;
  • elimination of unpleasant smells; 
  • less tank maintenance, therefore less expenses; 
  • reduction of drainage frequency;
  • safe and non aggressive treatment; 
  • elimination of waste due to a precise dosing; 
  • 100% biological treatment and positive impact on the environment.  

Treatment of landfills odors

BioSorb M is the ideal product for the removal of odors on market areas, in particular where organic waste is produced, on areas for waste storage, in landfills.

Advantages: The product degrades odorous compounds, not just covering them. It is suitable for spraying manuals and/or lorries with working pressure between 5 and 50 bar.

It is particularly used in landfills where it is distributed through a system called Nebulizer directly on the collected waste, in particular during the unloading phase and/or before its covering.

The active substance distributed, immediately carries out its activity of neutralization of the bad smell and continues with the subsequent percolation inside the waste itself.