Who we are

We have been dealing with odors abatement for more than thirty years.

We are a company of Gruppo Luci, founded in 1988 as a chemical analysis laboratory, in order to support the other companies in the Group involved in waste collection and treatment.

We immediately started looking for pragmatic solutions in view of the abatement of malodorous odors generated by various types of plants.

Therefore, we are specialists offering innovative and effective solutions to deal with the most complex odorous problems and find solutions.

Pioneers in odors treatment

We started as pioneers in the field of odors. At the time, there were no norms, neither certified solutions and even less possibilities to measure efficiency rates.

The need for proofs demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions stimulated our research. This research lasted for one decade, in order to determine the actual abatement efficiency of our products.

We performed many olfactometric surveys, which showed an abatement capacity of odor concentration of more than 80% in all the investigated fields of activities. Furthermore, some studies have shown total eco-compatibility and non-toxicity for humans and the environment in the case of products we use.

Professionals for odor problem solving

Within the company, we have a team of qualified experts in a position to supply specific answers to questions related with the most complex odorous problems.

We cooperate with experts who have a wide experience in many fields, to offer our clients specific, pragmatic and reliable answers, also through such skills as communication, and good listening capacities, as well as flexibility and ability in problem solving.

Labiotest and the environment

We know how to operate in a very difficult field, such as air. This is why we always felt it was essential to test our solutions and certify them in compliance with the most demanding environmental norms.

We have solutions to improve air quality, by eliminating malodorous emissions. All these solutions comply with norms and follow tested procedures, harmless for health and the environment.

Research and development

Our services, technologies and products are the result of rigorous experimentations performed with internationally famous organizations and institutes.

We follow our clients step by step, from the definition of problems and critical aspects, up to solutions implementation, until expected results may be evaluated, knowing that quality air is the result of accurate analyses and tailor-made investments.

We work guaranteeing solutions that comply with parameters established by European standards for the measurement of odor (standard EN 13725:2022). Every day, we continue innovating in order to offer new solutions to protect environment and people.

A certified quality