DKFil® is a dry chemical-physical filtering system, that is used to contain odors and abate chemical air contaminants of various types in an extremely efficient way.

DKFil® in the air filtering process

Odors abatement takes place through physical-chemical absorption on a multiple-layer filtering bed with multiple reagents.

The filtering bed size depends on the typology of effluent to be treated.

The proper sizing of DKFil ® allows maintaining high abatement performances for at least 12 months, without any type of maintenance.

The choice of the absorbing materials and specific pre-impregnations for classes and families of mixtures also allow operating a selective abatement of odorous substances, while offering olfactometric efficiencies of 99%.

The DKFil® system may be set-up in a sequence with other air / odor treatment equipment to guarantee a high efficiency, both from the analytical aspect and olfactometric point of view.

Main advantages of DKFil®

  • High efficiencies of olfactometric abatement
  • Absence of components subject to wear or breakdowns
  • Absence of maintenance (except for the replacement of the filtering bed)
  • No need for water provisioning, except for condensate unloading
  • Applicable to almost all industrial types of odoriferous emissions
  • Electric energy consumption limited to the only ventilation section

Fields of application

DKFil® main field of application is the treatment of wastewaters and particularly of air coming from sewerages, pumping stations, containment reservoirs.

It is also a very efficient solution for the treatment of air coming from waste storage areas, composting plants, leachate tanks.

Finally, it has some application also in some industrial fields, thanks to an accurate specific design

Technical characteristics


From 150 to 6000 kg


From (diam. 600 h 1500 mm) to (diam. 3000 h 3700 mm) *

Treatment flow-rate

From 50 to 25.000 m3/h

Work temperature

From -20°a + 80°C

Structure material

Stainless steel AISI 304/316, PP, PEHD, PVC

Fan noisiness

From 65 to 82 dB(A) *

Feeding voltage

400 V

Absorption frequency

According to fan specifications


According to fan specifications

Load losses

70 - 250 mm c.a. *

Quantity of filtering material

From 35 to 5000 kg *

Auxiliary equipment

Differential pressure probe, condensate unloading, collection openings, unloading hatches, TNT, coalescence filter

*According to project, BAT and client specifications.

Synergy with osmogenic systems

All of Labiotest equipment is subject to a constant technological upgrading.

Completing dry filtering systems traditionally offered with a further process of osmogenic barrier treatment increases significantly abatement efficiency, thus allowing reaching levels hardly obtainable with one single equipment.

By adopting this type of solution, it is possible to maintain an efficient odor abatement also when the filtering bed is getting exhausted.