Assistance and maintenance

of odor abatement equipment

We offer assistance and maintenance services performed directly by our highly specialized technicians to ensure the efficiency of odors abatement equipment.

Their services take place on the spot and in the shortest possible time, in order to give immediate answers and find concrete solutions for any type of equipment installed by Labiotest.

Equipment maintenance services

Tailor-made maintenance

Upon request, we may also supply tailor-made maintenance services, defined according to the type of odors abatement equipment and specific requirements of the client.

It is possible to ask for assistance by making a phone call, have yearly contracts of programmed maintenance, or consider more flexible maintenance programs to keep the equipment efficient.

For this type of tailor-made service, contact our offices and we will give you detailed information, after analyzing together specific requirements of your company.

Routine maintenance

For all the odors abatement equipment, we suggest a routine maintenance contract.

This service includes actions necessary to keep machineries or services efficiently operating. It may include also repairs, if anomalies are due to factory defects or erroneous settings. The contract foresees a fixed payment, on a monthly basis or twice a year.

The routine maintenance contract foresees:

  • at least two maintenance visits (or possibly more according to requirements)
  • hotline
  • coverage of technicians’ travel expenses and work
  • possibility of extra actions - maintenance upon request (at an additional charge)

Billing of spare parts is based on actual consumption.

In the case of DkFil equipment, one of the two visits also considers the replacement of filtering materials.

Maintenance at Total Level

For the spraying equipment, we have a specific contract considering the replacement of spare parts subject to wear, as well as the training of local personnel, as a difference with respect to the routine maintenance contract.

A continuous cooperation is established between Labiotest and the client, in order to facilitate the job of our technicians, as defined in the contract from the very initial phase.

This allows informing Labiotest beforehand about possible wear or product exhaustion. Therefore, the following maintenance works will already be prepared and organized according to requirements.

The Total Level contract foresees:

  • at least two maintenance visits (ore more, according to client’s requirements)
  • our technicians’ travel expenses and work
  • replacement of spare parts subject to wear
  • extra interventions - maintenance upon request, at an additional charge
  • hotline
  • training for the technical personnel on the spot once the equipment is installed

Full Service maintenance contract

For the spraying equipment Zephiro UTS, we suggest a specific yearly maintenance contract called Full Service.

Apart from constant monitoring of the equipment and replacement of worn out spare parts, the contract also includes odors neutralization products.

This complete service permits not to worry anymore as regards the maintenance of the odors abatement equipment, with transparent and convenient costs.

The Full Service contract for Zephiro UTS equipment foresees:

  • maintenance visits from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12
  • our technicians’ travel expenses and work
  • spare parts
  • odors neutralizing products
  • hotline
  • extra interventions - maintenance upon request, at an additional charge

Other aspects of maintenance activity

Extraordinary maintenance

This includes actions required to enlarge or improve structural elements, which might lead to a significant and measurable increase in efficiency and productivity.

The amount due is generally paid based on the single services ensured or necessary works.


A first diagnosis of the problem may be established on the phone, in order to get immediate assistance.

Spare parts

Together with the equipment, we offer a kit of spares to deal with possible emergency situations.

First free visit

For the equipment we implement, we also include an offer for a maintenance service foreseeing two visits/year, guaranteeing a first free visit and a proposal for the purchase of the product based on a consumption estimate.