La.BioFog 400 Evo

The BioFog 400 Evo is a high-pressure misting system used for the distribution of deodorizing products and dust suppression. Depending on its usage, it is available in various configurations and with multiple optional features. It requires connection to both electrical and water networks.

Spraying process (Osmogenic Barrier)

The neutralization of odors occurs through a nebulization process, an integral part of the osmogenic barrier, which uses dilution water and specific products to effectively neutralize unpleasant odors.

The products employed undergo rigorous testing and are certified by Italian and international research organizations, ensuring high-quality standards. To optimally disperse deodorizing products, it is essential to use suitable nebulization systems that ensure:

  • Adequate micronization
  • Proper timing
  • Appropriate activity durations
  • Strategic diffusion

The Labiotest osmogenic barrier technology guarantees an efficiency in reducing odor concentration of over 80%.

Main advantages of the osmogenic barrier

  • High deodorizing effectiveness, contributing to maintaining fresh environments free from unpleasant odors.
  • Different configurations and customizable options that adapt to specific needs.
  • Ease of use, making the management of odor-related issues an efficient process.
The use of Labiotest products also provides the following benefits:
  • Absence of chemicals released into the environment, contributing to ensuring the safety and health of treated spaces.
  • Elimination of substances that generate by-products, maintaining a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Preservation of components from oxidation and alteration, ensuring optimal durability and stability over time.
  • Action independent of solar radiation, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

Dust control with La.BioFog 400 Evo

La.BioFog 400 Evo is an innovative high-pressure nebulization system designed to effectively distribute deodorizing products and efficiently neutralize unpleasant odors.

In the case of dust control, the La.BioFog 400 Evo system disperses extremely small water droplets through specific nozzles. These droplets collide with dust particles, encapsulate them, and cause them to settle on the ground due to the force of gravity.

Even in challenging operational conditions, it is possible to achieve a minimum 50% reduction in airborne dust, a result certified by reputable environmental protection agencies.

The BioFog 400 Evo excels in managing various odor-related issues, finding applications in various industrial sectors.

Description and technical characteristics


250 kg


1200x 800 x 2700


Load-bearing structure in cataphoresis-painted steel.
Galvanized steel trolley for wheeled version.




45 m

Air flow-rate

9200 m3/h


90 DB

Feeding voltage

400 V


50 H


14 A


4.5 Kw

Minimum pressure at water inlet

1.5 - 2.5 bar

Work pressure

Recommended 35 - max 70 bar

N. nozzles


Nozzles consumption

30 l/h

The.BioFog 400 Evo: tailor-made flexibility and performance

La.BioFog 400 Evo is available in four versions, each designed to meet specific operational needs:

  • On skid with pump of 11-15-21 l/min: The skid solution offers versatility and an easy movement, having pump capacity options to adapt to clients treatment requirements.

  • On cart with wheels and 21 l/min pump: Mobility is the key in the case of this cart configuration, equipped with sturdy wheels, perfect for quick movement between different treatment areas.

  • On skid with hydraulic arm up to 5 meters and 11-15 l/min pump: Maximum positioning flexibility due to the skid featuring an extendable hydraulic arm up to 5 meters, that allows targeted treatment in hard-to-reach places.

  •  High pole (4 meters) and 11 l/min pump: Ideal for treatments in large or inaccessible areas, this high pole version reaches significant heights without compromising nebulization effectiveness.

Furthermore, La.BioFog 400 Evo is designed for interconnection with external systems, making it Industry 4.0 Ready. With an Ethernet port and Modbus TCP-IP communication protocol, partial access to the system is possible to obtain crucial information, including traceability data.
This feature provides advanced control and the ability to easily integrate La.BioFog 400 into your SCADA or management system, ensuring efficient and personalized management of nebulization operations

Optional avaiable

La.BioFog400 Evo can be customized by choosing from various additional options, including:

  • Palletized base with wheels: adds mobility to the system with a palletized base equipped with wheels, making La.BioFog400 Evo easy to move and position according to different needs.
  • Telescopic arm: optimizes reach and precision with a telescopic arm, ideal for reaching challenging areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Auxiliary power generator: ensures that La.BioFog400 Evo is always powered with an auxiliary power generator, guaranteeing continuous and reliable operation.
  • Remote control: operate La.BioFog400 Evo from a distance with a convenient remote control, offering operational flexibility and ease of use.
  • Tank for dosing the used product: simplifies the dosing process with a specially designed tank, ensuring the proper distribution of the product used for effective treatment.

Choose the options that best suit your needs and optimize the performance of La.BioFog400 Evo for complete environmental control.

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