Spray - Osmogenic barrier

All the Labiotest equipment based on this method uses dilution water and specific products.

The deodorizing products offered by Labiotest change the structure of odorous molecules, so that they become imperceptible to our sense of smell. All the products are tested to guarantee efficiency and avoid any risk as regards humans or environment.

Osmogenic barriers are the only solution in cases of diffused emissions (e.g. landfills, composting plants,...) when it is impossible to convey them. However, these barriers are also very efficient in the case of conveyed emissions: it is possible to set up bars equipped with spraying nozzles directly inside the effluents exhaust stacks.

Besides, if located upstream or downstream of the equipment, they can become solutions complementing other activities based on chemical-physical methods, such as scrubbers and absorption towers, or biological processes using biofilters.

All the abatement efficiencies of solutions offered by Labiotest have been tested with olfactometric investigations performed in compliance with standard UNI EN 13725:2022.

Tests have demonstrated an efficiency rate above 80% in the investigated fields of application.

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