Odors, dusts and chemical contaminants abatement

We design, implement and revamp equipment to control emissions of odors, dusts and pollutants of any kind

Tailor-made equipment

Design and implementation of odor abatement equipment

We develop and implement technological equipment to improve air quality, abate malodorous emissions, guaranteeing innovative and technologically advanced solutions. From single step abatement systems to "multiple step" treatments: tailor-made systems, designed keeping synergy in mind.

  • Technical survey
  • Emission analyses
  • Possible test with pilot equipment
  • Equipment design
  • Equipment implementation
  • Equipment testing and start-up

Odors and dusts abatement systems

Technologies and equipment

Additives for odors abatement


Labiotest has developed a wide range of specific products to neutralize troublesome odors, guaranteeing high abatement efficiencies.

Biological products

Chemical products

Deodorizing products