Multiple step configurations

As odors treatment is a complex process considering the wide range of odors that are difficult to deal with, design cannot always be reduced to one single operation, with only one treatment step.

This is why multiple step equipment was thought of: tailor-made systems consisting of more treatment steps that are designed for a synergic type of action. This offers more efficient abatement efficiency rates, thus minimizing managerial expenses and by-products.

The ability in designing a multiple step equipment consists in knowing how to handle wisely every unit performance, in order to optimize the following abatement step.

The whole equipment offered by Labiotest may associate one with the other in a synergy, in order to offer multiple step abatement processes and treat complex odorous emissions having highly polluting capacities.

Additional treatment step

DKFil and wet scrubber traditional equipment may be upgraded. In fact, it is possible to introduce an additional step, such as an osmogenic barrier treatment.

This is an innovative distribution system using the technology of ultrasound air dispersion.

By mixing water with a neutralizing product, the system produces a dry fog, impalpable, consisting of thin particles ranging from 5 to 10 microns, through an ultrasound transducer. This fog will be conveyed on the top of the dry filter through a special chamber.

This process will increase the overall equipment efficiency as regards the abatement of odorous emissions, by neutralizing them with the evaporation product.

Multiple step equipment works automatically: a level control system allows managing the re-introduction of water supply and dosed product, according to the pre-set concentration, introducing into the reservoir a mixture that is ready to use.

Main functions

The main functions of multiple step equipment are:
  • higher odors and pollutants abatement efficiency
  • possibility of a complete integration with all types of treatments
  • possibility of being designed as a tailor-made solution

Products for multiple step equipment

According to the way the multiple step equipment is designed, we will evaluate the most adequate type of product to use for the selected technology.

For further information, please get in touch with us.

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