HPS Midi Fresh

HPS Midi Fresh is a high-pressure misting system, which uses a mixture of water and deodorizing product, to contain odors. It can be used only with water to abate dust and cool outdoor environments. It supports a variable number of nozzles depending on the electric hydraulic pump used.

HPS Midi Fresh and the spraying process

HPS Midi Fresh is a professional fogger for odor and dust abatement in industrial facilities and for outdoor space cooling.

Odor abatement is based on the nebulization process (osmogenic barrier): a mixture of water and deodorizing products, free of pollutants, is sprayed through nozzles ensuring various flow rates according to the site to be treated.
The products used are tested and guaranteed by Italian and international research institutions.

It can be used to treat both diffuse and conveyed emissions.

Its main feature is to support a given number of nozzles depending on the pump used to adapt to different odorigenic problems.

The system must be sheltered away from the weather and requires connection to the electrical and water mains for its operation.

Main advantages of HPS Midi Fresh

  • Over 80% abatement efficiency
  • Easily reconfigurable with various options
  • Low cost
  • Extremely easy to use
In addition, the combined use of HPS Midi Fresh with Labiotest products permits the following benefits:
  • no chemicals released into the environment;
  • no use of substances yielding by-products;

  • components present do not oxidize or get altered in the air;

  • the mechanism of action is not affected by visible and ultraviolet solar radiation

Application fields of HPS Midi Fresh

Hps Midi Fresh can handle very different odor problems, in fact it is used in various industries, but particularly in small to medium-sized areas and when the investment needs to be low.

Description and technical characteristics

Feeding voltage

400V – 50 HZ

Installed power

1,1 kW (according to model)


Baseplate in galvanized steel, with rubber feet and cover made of stainless steel having as dimensions: 650 x 260 x 350 mm

Control board

Thermal motor saver switch
ON–OFF switch
Warning lights on system status: operating – alarms
Quick-connect through movable electric connector
Outside connector for rapid connection to remote control

Hydraulic electric pump

Maximum flow-rate according to number of nozzles
Maximum pressure 60 bars
Pump power head made of brass, ceramics pistons
Solenoid valve on water inlet


2 ÷ 6 l/min (depending on the number of nozzles used)

Work pressure

Recommended 35min – max 60 bars

Revolution speed

1450 revolutions/min

Outside dosing unit

Filtering unit for water supply, with 50-micron filter
Proportional dosing pump not using electricity, the only function being that of dosing, injecting and mixing


Flexible piping made of high-strength polyamide PA 12 (operating pressure 50 bar)


Diffusers with nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel orifice Equipped with anti-drip valve

Quick-connect fittings made of stainless steel and/or brass.

HPS Midi Fresh nebulizer pump flow rate


NUMBER OF NOZZLES (calculated at the recommended pressure *)

2 l/min - 1450 rpm

Max 16 - Min 10

4 l/min - 1450 rpm

Max 32 - Min 16

6 l/min

Max 48 - Min 20

*At the recommended of 35 bar pressure, nozzles consumption is 7.5 l/h.

Available optional equipment

The available options are:

  • timing control panel complete with Plc with weekly clock functions and pause timers;
  • automatic dosing unit heating cable
  • softener system for mains water;
  • pressurization unit.

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