Zephiro UTS

Zephiro UTS is an ultrasound spraying system used to contain odors in all industrial fields, an optimal solution in fast food and restaurants in particular.

Process of ultrasounds spraying

The innovation introduced by Labiotest within osmogenic barriers is represented by the use of ultrasounds. Thanks to this technology, the neutralization capacities of our products increase in an exponential way. This technology minimizes water consumption, so that it is possible to use it in ducts of industrial premises as well as indoor environments.

Technical characteristics

Feeding voltage

220V - 50Hz

Installed power

1 kW


Normally in PP. Upon request, it is also available in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316

Control board

800VA feeder to support continuous use of 2 transducers
Terminals for start-up by means of a remote control
System ON/OFF switch
Warning lights regarding line presence, active unit, lack of product
Automated filling
Stoppage of system in case of missing liquid

Ultrasound transducer

Container in nickeled brass, equipped with ceramics membranes and a sensor indicating missing product
Feeding voltage 230 Vac – 50 Hz

Hourly consumption

2,4 l/hour (for 2 transducers)

Dosing unit

High-density polyethylene storage reservoir
Capacity of 60 liters, complete with floater indicating the presence of product (only for Full Service] *)
Filtering unit for water supply, with 50-micron cartridge
Proportional mechanical mixer not using electric power, having the only function of dosing, injecting and mixing

Synergy with filtering systems

The whole range of products offered by Labiotest is subject to constant technological upgrading.

In this case, it was seen that adding a further treatment step to filtering and wet washing systems traditionally considered, by using an ultrasound osmogenic barrier, the abatement efficiency reaches levels hardly obtainable with only one equipment.

Available options

  • Air kit with shut-off solenoid valve
  • Softening system for water supply

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