Zephiro UTS

Zephiro UTS is an ultrasound spraying system that, together with a neutralizing product, allows controlling and abating odours in various industrial fields, particularly in that of restaurants and professional kitchens, with abatement results of more than 70%. 

Ultrasound spraying process

Osmogenic barriers operate in a very efficient way, not only on diffused emissions, but also on conveyed emissions, with the help of bars equipped with spraying nozzles and set up directly inside effluents exhaust stacks. 

As regards osmogenic barriers, Labiotest developed an innovative technology using an ultrasound spraying system. 

The equipment Zephiro UTS, unlike standard osmogenic barriers, uses dry fog to abate odours.

Zephiro operates in a controlled way, in order to release a deodorizing formula diluted with water through an ultrasound spraying system.

This technology minimizes water consumption, which is why it is possible to use it in industrial ducts.

Zephiro is widely used in restaurants chains and supermarkets present on the Italian territory. 

Main advantages of Zephiro UTS

  • Guarantee of average olfactometric efficiency rates higher than 50%, which may even reach 80%
  • Availability in several versions, depending on flow rates of effluents to be treated. 
  • Minimum management costs as regards product provisioning, as well as water and energy consumption. 
  • Easiness of its adaptation to any stack (rectangular or circular). 
  • Reduced routine maintenance times and costs: control of product level in its container and possible replacement of dosing device water filter. 
  • Non-routine maintenance consisting in the only replacement of ceramics membranes and cleaning of storage reservoir. 

Technical characteristics

Feeding voltage

220V - 50Hz

Installed power

1 kW


Standard frame made of PP. Upon request, AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel 

Control panel

- 800VA power supply to support the continuous duty of 2 transducers 
- Terminals for externally controlled start-up 
System ON/OFF switch
- Warning lamps for live line, running unit, lack of product 
- Automation for automatic filling 
- System stoppage in case of missing liquid 
- Programmable weekly clock
- Pre-requisites for input solenoid valve control, only with previous consent of minimum and maximum levels in the reservoir 

Ultrasound transducer

- Container made of nickeled brass, equipped with ceramics membranes and a sensor to indicate that the product is missing 
- Feeding voltage of 230 Vac – 50 Hz
- Maximum quantity of sprayed mixture of 2-2.5 l/h (for two transducers) 

Connection duct

- Tight duct in stainless steel, completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, including wide range 90° elbow, rectilinear parts with quick connections, diam. 80 mm 
- Flange for coupling with existing stack

Dosing unit

- Storage reservoir made of high density polyethylene
- Capacity of 60 l, including product floater (only for Full Service) 
- Filtering unit for network water, with a 50 micron cartridge 

- Proportional dosing pump needing no electricity, having as its only function that of dosing the product, injecting it and mixing it; dosing regulation from 0.2% to 2%; min. / max. flow rate of 20 l / 1500 l; min. / max. pressure of 0.5 bar/5 bars

- Proportional mechanical mixer needing no electricity, used only to dose, inject and mix the product
- Solenoid valve, ½”, for stoppage 
- Pressure regulation set at 3 atm.
- Min-max level sensor for automatic filling and for signal on product about to end. 

Available optional accessories for Zephiro UTS

The available optional accessories are the following: 

  • Air kit with electrically controlled closing valve;
  • Softening system for network water.

Zephiro UTS models according to effluents flow rates

Zephiro UTS comes in several versions, according to flow rates of effluents to be treated. 

Standard Zephiro UTS

Standard Zephiro UTS handles the spraying of 2-2,5 l of mixture per hour.

It comes in a size of 640 x 620 x 820 mm. 

Zephiro UTS Plus

Zephiro UTS Plus handles the spraying of a maximum of 4-5 l of mixture per hour: twice as much as standard Zephiro UTS.

The size is the same as for standard Zephiro UTS. 

Zephiro UTS Compact

Zephiro UTS Compact is different, as it is set up in a closed housing. From the outside, only the control panel is visible. The size is 1650 x 709 x 495 mm for the closed housing, with panel in sight.

For further technical details, you may unload the Zephiro UTS technical sheet

Synergy with other filtering systems

The equipment Labiotest offers is subject to a constant technological upgrading.

As this case demonstrated, building a further treatment based on an ultrasound osmogenic barrier into traditional filtering systems and wet washing equipment, allowed the abatement efficiency to reach levels hardly obtainable with only one process step.

Full Service assistance and maintenance

For Zephiro UTS spraying devices, we offer a yearly maintenance contract we call Full Service.

Besides constant equipment monitoring and replacement of worn-out parts with spares, the contract also includes odours neutralizing products.

This complete service permits clients not to have to worry any longer as regards odours abatement equipment maintenance, and at transparent and convenient costs.

The Full Service contract for Zephiro UTS equipment foresees: 

  • from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12 maintenance visits 
  • travel and manpower expenses for our technicians 
  • spare parts
  • odor neutralizing product
  • telephone assistance
  • extra - maintenance actions upon request, to be paid separately.

Products to be used with Zephiro UTS

Labiotest neutralizing products may be used with Zephiro UTS equipment and allow reaching significant efficiency rates of odours abatement in professional kitchens.

These are liquid deodorizing products formulated to neutralize troublesome odours deriving from various industrial processes, and so forth. 

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