Technical and regulatory

An emission is not always an odor problem. Everything depends on chemical components present in the emission.

Most of the time, companies are not in a position to deal by themselves with possible claims coming from City Committees or Control Authorities.

Technical advice

This is a peculiar area where Labiotest may play a role as an important partner for companies, organizations and activities that have to solve such a complex problem without having, in most cases, human resources to dedicate to the matter.

Thanks to more than 30 years of activity in this field, and due to the cooperation with Gesteco Chemical Laboratory and with LOD Olfactometric Laboratory, an innovative partnership was created within Gruppo Luci. This makes it possible to perform activities, before possible purchases, ensuring advice, surveys, analytical and olfactometric investigations, pilot tests), but also during purchase (technical reports, design and sizing) and after (maintenance service, global service, revamping, refilling).

Labiotest also relies on some cooperation with main national and international research institutes, to offer more and more precise and dedicated services.

Regulatory advice

Odorous emissions coming from production activities are becoming more and more of a problem, also due to an increased sensibility towards odors and within a context of standards and authorizations evolving continuously. It is therefore extremely important for equipment managers to receive dedicated and precise information meeting with demands from Control Authorities.

Thanks to a close cooperation with LOD (Dynamic Olfactometry Laboratory of Gruppo Luci), Labiotest is in a position to offer advice in the field of norms on any matter regarding odors.

The purpose is to get a picture of an equipment potential olfactometric impact on the surrounding territory, through the study of a model showing odors dispersion and surveying the territory (Field Inspection).