Concentrated liquid deodorizing product to neutralize malodorous odors due to the decomposition of organic substances

Ideal to neutralize malodorous odors due to the decomposition of organic substances, in particular waste, leachate wastewaters, etc. …

Plastic tanks of 20 liters.

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Why choose OWD?

  • High deodorizing efficiency
  • No introduction of chemical substances in the environment
  • No use of substances yielding by-products
  • Its components do not oxidize and are not affected by air
  • Visible and ultraviolet sun rays do not affect the action
  • It contains terpenes and natural essential oils working as olfactometric indicators of optimal dilution
  • The package is made of recycled “second life” plastics.

OWD is a concentrated liquid product, formulated scientifically and specifically to neutralize malodorous odors due mostly to the decomposition of organic substances, as in waste, leachate, wastewaters, etc.

The OWD product action is not based on a chemical reaction, but on an actual action of aerial cleansing, very similar somehow to the better-known cleansing process in a watery phase guaranteeing efficiency rates of reduction of odor concentration up to 80%.

The fragrant tracer contained in the product acts as an indicator of optimal dilution.

The main fields of application regards the treatment and storage of solid and liquid waste (waters cleaning plants, composting plants, landfills, etc.) where the use of spraying systems permits to demolish malodorous odors with the help of the osmogenic barriers technology.

It is used diluted in water at a concentration ranging from 0,2 to 2%.

Dilution rates as above recommended are obviously indicative, as the type of odor and size of the area to be treated may affect the product efficiency, thus requiring a different dosing.

Store at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C, avoiding cold temperatures and heat sources.
Keep the container closed when not in use and out of the reach of children.

Wash with abundant water in case of contact with eyes or skin.
In case of ingestion, drink abundant water and go to a physician.

Never unload the product as such in sewerage ducts, pits, drains or water streams.
Avoid throwing the container after use and dispose of it according to norms in force in the country of destination.

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