Farming and Feed production

Breeding activities and production of animal feed are often associated with smells, due to high concentrations of malodorous substances and particular processes, necessary to obtain the final product.

Having to live in the neighborhood of such facilities is particularly difficult and often causes bad moods and disputes.. 

Labiotest is able to solve the problem through the treatment of emissions and the abatement of odor concentration even by 70%, mostly by means of Osmogenic Barriers.


Osmogenic Barriers use specific products diluted with water. These products contain hydrophobic groups consisting of rather long hydrocarbon chains. Due to their properties, these chains are able to form large molecular aggregates of various types, called micelles.

Rendering, production of animal meal, storage and processing of animal carcasses, are among the most impacting activities on which we have obtained the best results in terms of odor abatement.