Gruppo Luci at Ecomondo 2022 with the Air-Bryd equipment

Labiotest innovative odours abatement system.

Gruppo Luci of Povoletto presented Air-Bryd at Ecomondo, its equipment that involved others who work in this field, while stimulating the interest of many visitors. 

Labiotest, a company belonging to Gruppo Luci, is presenting in this moment a technological innovation called Air-Bryd, a new odours abatement system, which includes three different technologies: biological scrubber, chemical-physical filter and a redefinition process. 

Air-Bryd: a unique multiple-step equipment, complete, innovative, sustainable, compact and versatile.

“These technologies, already used and tested one at a time in various applications with very satisfactory results, combined with the use of biological products, allow treating odorous components 100% – explains chairman Adriano Luci. Combining all three steps guarantees high abatement rates and allows for longer lengths of time before it is necessary to substitute the filtering media if compared to the standard 8.000 hours that are typical of dry scrubbers. In such a way, Air-Bryd not only allows reducing maintenance and disposal costs, but also ensures a minor impact on the environment, by avoiding producing waste." 

At Ecomondo, Gruppo Luci is present together with all the companies belonging to the group and existing in Italy. A leitmotiv in its proposals is the attention paid to sustainability, as demonstrated by every single action: choice of materials used, constant efforts aiming at promoting proper behaviours and habits, in view of a positive way of life for humans and the environment. 

“Our purpose is to transmit our culture and the progress we make – underlines in this respect Adriano Luci – hoping to have a positive influence on people around us, as companies and individuals, whether collaborators or suppliers, and clients. As a must, we pay a particular attention to sustainability because we have been world citizens, before we started operating in this field”.