Multiple step plants

Labiotest offers tailor-made solutions to supply the best answer to the problem deriving from every single emission.

Every emission has its own history, its own impact and its own treatment technology.

Physical and chemical characteristics, typology of emission process, location of the emission point, neighbouring context and treatment management, are only some aspects that make every single emission problem special and unique. 


Odors treatment, due to its complexity, vastness and sensibility, requires design rules that it is not possible to reduce to one single operation, most of the time, i.e. one single treatment.

This is the reason why there are “special” plants, tailor-made systems resulting from a deep knowledge of various single treatment systems that are re-designed in view of a group action, in order to offer significant abatement rates, thus reducing management costs and by-products production to a minimum.

Most of the time, this last aspect is more strategic than the choice of the abatement system itself.


Hybrid System (Wet + Dry)

The system makes use of the washing effect of a liquid solvent and selective adsorpion of substances not related to the solvent.

The result is a high abatement rate, a vast range of action and optimization of management costs.

In the picture: DkFil + Scrubber applied to a wastewater treatment plant.