Wet treatment

Abatement systems based on absorption imply removing pollutants by means of a washing solution. 

The solvent most commonly used is water. However, it is possible to select either polar or non-polar organic solvents by taking into consideration the mixing and solving properties of the molecules present in the effluent submitted to treatment.


As regards odors abatement, it might be necessary to adopt extra measures or additional means, such as: 

  •  a set of towers, each with a different washing solution; 
  • wet Venturi sections;
  • injections of adsorbing solids in collection tanks;
  • introduction of additional filtering elements; 
  • insertion of additional abatement levels.  


Plus product

The design foresees a high automation level tosurvey plant operation and manage it properly, considering environmentalconditions and characteristics of the airflow treated.


  • High deodorizing power for all water soluble substances having a significant chemical reactivity; 
  • No substitution of exhausted materials; 
  • Reduced surface required; 
  • Low load losses (advantage regarding energy); 
  • Excellent pre-treatment system upstream of biofilters and dry filtering systems.  


  • The structure may be vertical or horizontal according to the space available; 
  • Ventilation units can be designed for areas classified as ATEX;
  •  The towers building materials can be of various types: AISI 304/316 stainless steel, PP, PEHD, PVC;
  • It is easy to add further sections to ensure high efficiencies.  

Additional Treatment:

One of the solutions offered most of the time with this service foresees the use of an innovative product called La.BioWF5, especially when there are malodorous matrixes consisting of water-soluble substances that are not difficult to treat.With the help of a plain proportional dosing pump connected to make-up water, the product is introduced in the scrubbers washing process. Due to its formula, it can abate malodorous emissions quite significantly.


  • No effect on the washing water
  • Meaningful improvement of odor abatement efficiency; 
  • Minimum installation costs; 
  • Minimum dosing; 
  • Easy to use and immediately effective product