Cases study

Dust abatement using spray cannons in a steel company

This is how we solved dust emission problems with the help of water spraying cannons

Field of activity

Steel industry

Specific activity

Steel mill. Production of forged, roto-forged and rolled material


Northern Italy


Dust emission during the production process

Service supplied by Labiotest

New system design and installation

Type of action

Design and installation of a dust abatement system

The control of dust emissions in industrial facilities represents a significant challenge in terms of regulatory compliance, as well as regarding the protection of environment and workers.

This was also the case for a company in the steel industry in northern Italy, which is facing critical issues related to dust emissions in the unloading area and further slag storage areas.

The company had already adopted several measures to contain dust, but without any significant results. Therefore, it decided to rely on dust abatement specialists and contact us.

The first phase of our intervention involved the design and installation of a new system to contain dust in the slag unloading area.

Let us see together how we handled the dust abatement problem and how the company achieved more than 50% abatement efficiency.

The company: a leader in the steel industry

The company, based in Northern Italy, is one of the most important facilities in Europe in the steel industry. Its core operations focus on the production of stainless steel, and they became over time market leaders not only in Italy and Europe, but also worldwide.

Furthermore, the company excels in the production of special steel forgings, standing out among the largest in the world. It is also involved in the production of oil and gas steels, bolting steels, and case hardening steels.

The cause of dust emission

The company was facing a significant problem related to the treatment of dust emissions originating outside the shed in areas used for slag loading. The area outside the production site, used for unloading and storage of slag coming from inside the halls, was particularly subject to dust dispersion due to strong winds blowing in the area. This dispersion constituted a serious environmental problem, with dust leaking directly into the surrounding city, endangering the health of the local population. 

Although the company had already implemented several measures to contain dust, results had not been satisfactory until then.

Design and installation of water spray cannons

After a thorough analysis of the type of dust to be treated and production site, we proposed the installation of 2 units of the La.Biofog 600-90 system.

This spray gun is designed specifically to abate dust in outdoor environments.

The operation of La.Biofog 600-90 is based on the emission of water particles sprayed at a specific distance with the help of the air jet coming from HPS systems. This airflow and water spray act effectively to reduce the emission of dust in an affected area, helping to improve air quality and create a healthier work environment.

The additional need for dust containment

After the installation of water spray cannons to abate dust caused by slag loading and unloading operations, the client was satisfied with the results, and decided to address other critical issues in the raw material unloading and conveyor belt areas.

Dust abatement with spray cannons in the raw material unloading area

To address the additional problem related to the containment of dust from the raw material unloading areas, we suggested the installation of two spray cannons in these areas.

To ensure effective implementation, we identified two specific truck unloading areas where to set up the spray cannons. For each designated area, we planned to install dedicated stations for water and electricity supply, optimized according to the characteristics of the installed machine.

We proposed the installation of the La.Biofog 600-90 model, with a hydraulic column capable of ensuring direct nebulization on the material unloaded from the truck.

During unloading operations, the water mist generated by the cannons directly invests the dust rising from the top to the bottom, ensuring effective abatement. In addition, we considered the option of equipping the systems with radio control for an even more efficient management of operations.

Dust abatement on the conveyor belt

Our proposal also included the installation of a dust containment system equipped with a fixed row of nozzles on the conveyor belt fed by a high-pressure HPS Midi Fresh system including several key components:

  • a row of fixed nozzle  made of stainless steel, designed to ensure effective and long-lasting spraying;
  • a high-pressure pumping skid, located inside the shelter, that feeds individual spray lines above the discharge compartments at a constant pressure of 70 bar.


Through a combination of dust abatement systems and a synergistic approach, the company has managed to improve work environment and reduce dust emission by more than 50%.