Labiotest 35th anniversary

A milestone confirming the company leadership in the field of odours, as a result of innovation with new solutions. 

We are happy, and very proud, to celebrate an important event this year: 35 years of activity of Labiotest, the Friuli company that introduced a concept of “before” and “after” as regards odours treatment in industrial and civil environments.

Ever since it began with its activities, Labiotest introduced unique technologies: invented and designed by the company itself, always aiming at offering tailor-made solutions to clients, complete and very advanced, in order to ensure projects a definite added value.

Success based on a pioneer innovative vision

Labiotest started its activities in 1988, in order to find solutions to odorigenous problems originated in the handling and treatment of waste, to then develop its own ideas in various fields

Continuous evolution of technological innovation in the field of odours

Research and development in view of an optimization

To Labiotest, each case is an opportunity to optimize products and services. A team of technicians and experts study actual problems and propose a technology adapted to each specific necessity

This allows creating a virtuous circle to maximize abilities and professional skills, in order to reach high efficiency levels during the various process steps and increase the efficiency of offered solutions. All of this helped us adapt ourselves to specific problems and guarantee abatement efficiency rates on odour concentration as high as 80%. 

Certified quality

Ensuring eco-compatible sustainable technologies has been a fundamental concept for Labiotest. This is the reason why the company has invested in R&S for a long time. In fact, experiments have been performed with the most important Scientific Organizations and Italian universities, such as the University of Udine, Polytechnic Institute in Milan, University La Sapienza, CNR and Ministry of Health. The purpose was to evaluate products toxicity and impact on humans and the environment, in order to certify the total absence of dangerousness, as well as abatement efficiency through olfactometric dynamics

Labiotest team: our strongpoint

Men and ideas are the strongpoints that allowed Labiotest growing throughout years. The staff developed expert technical skills to propose the best possible solutions, also together with other companies that are part of the Group.

This type of attitude was essential to build a steady trust relationship with clients and partners, an aspect sometimes underestimated, which is instead at the origin of any positive result, and allowed reaching the degree of prestige which the company may now be proud of. 

“Tailor made” solutions

Being always a leader in finding solutions to odours problems allowed us establishing a constant bond with our clients. This is how we have created our “turnkey” model, a process implying a step-by-step supportive approach: from the definition of problems and critical aspects to the implementation of solutions, up to the confirmation of expected results. 

Nowadays, the company is thus able to offer more and more solutions meeting with the requirements of clients, starting from the analysis of production premises, in order to design, implement and start abatement equipment, also considering possible dedicated activities that may support the client as an after-sale service. 

Lately, Labiotest has specialized in offering a sustainable service: SOS Service (Sustainable Odour Service) that allows evaluating the state of any existing equipment, in order to revamp it, recover existing parts and set-up or replace only the parts that may no longer be recovered. A service totally dedicated to the client, meant to optimize resources, both economic that technical. 

International network

Labiotest operates in the area where it is located, as well as abroad. In fact, the company developed a network of retailers on four continents, from Israel to Spain, from Poland to Hungary and from Australia to China where LBIT, a company of the Group managed by Jacopo Luci has been present, in Shanghai for some years.

New perspectives and challenges

An avant-garde position for a company that remains deeply rooted in the Friuli territory, while offering versatile solutions on an international experimental scale

All along this evolution, we were aware of working in fields that are essential for people’s comfort and the protection of environment: these are the results obtained by an Italian company by introducing technologies worldwide.

"Always keeping an eye on market necessities – as underlined by Adriano Luci, chairman of Labiotest – has long been a basic factor for Labiotest success; also in the difficult situations we went through recently, our company demonstrated it was able to adapt itself and take changes as opportunities, while always looking forward to the future".