Optimization of Labiotest's logistic processes through the implementation of new automation technologies

We are implementing cutting-edge technologies with the Industry 4.0 approach for efficient and innovative warehouse management.

We have launched a significant project to automate logistic processes by adopting advanced technologies, including the implementation of a vertical warehouse.

This step represents a crucial evolution aligned with Industry 4.0 principles, a paradigm revolutionizing the global production landscape through the integration of digital technologies into business processes.

In an increasingly competitive market, optimized warehouse management is a key factor in keeping a company aligned with required standards. Warehouse automation not only streamlines operations but also enhances service quality and reduces the risk of errors, thereby increasing safety for workers and goods.

New digital technologies are redefining how companies operate, bringing tangible benefits across various areas:

  • Operational efficiency: by automating repetitive tasks, companies can focus on activities with higher added value.
  • Productivity: Process optimization leads to increased overall productivity.

  • Service quality: Enhanced precision and speed in operations ensure faster and more comprehensive deliveries.

  • Cost reduction: More rational use of space and resources helps cut unnecessary expenses.

Labiotest's vertical warehouse innovation

At Labiotest, we have decided to invest in an automated vertical warehouse, a solution that represents a leap forward in warehouse management.

Vertical warehouses are automated systems that maximize vertical space, saving up to 90% of floor space. Product traceability is also improved, as inventory and stock levels are monitored in real-time, optimizing inventory management.

These systems operate on a "goods-to-person" approach: products are automatically brought to operators, significantly enhancing efficiency and ergonomics. Moreover, operators work in a safer environment, without the need to climb traditional shelving.

The adoption of this technology perfectly aligns with Labiotest's approach to environmental impact, thanks to significantly reduced energy consumption.

Through the implementation of the vertical warehouse, our aim is to enhance productivity, reduce operating costs, and continue ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.

To learn more about this technology applied to our warehouses, watch the following video: