Biological liquid deodorizing product, ideal to keep biofilters efficient

It improves biological purification capacities and favors the reproduction of microorganisms; it is safe, natural and efficient, even under conditions of pH and temperature that are extreme for biological life.

Plastic tanks of 10 liters.

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Why choose LT Plus?

  • It may be used both in aerobic and anaerobic environments
  • It favors new biofilters start-up
  • It improves biofilter performances
  • It reduces malodorous odors
  • It has a minimum dosing
  • It minimizes effects due to an increase in biofilter odorous loads
  • Easy to use, with immediate reaction
  • It keeps biofilters soft and oxygenated, favoring water penetration and bio-depurative exchange of polluting substances.

Biofilters main applications are odors abatement in composting plants and wastewaters treatment equipment.

The depurative process due to biological filtering is based on the fact that pollutant components go from a gaseous phase to a solid phase. Everything takes place thanks to the oxidation of polluting substances performed by the bacteria living on the liquid film surrounding the vegetal type of filling materials. The biofiltering material works at preset operational conditions, such as dampness, temperature and contact time with the air flow to be treated.

To increase biofilters efficiency, Labiotest suggests using LT PLUS, which is a liquid product keeping biofilters efficient. It consists of natural organic components extracted from plants and sea algae. Ideal for biofilters that work at times under critical conditions, undersize and with peaks of odorous loads; it keeps them soft and oxygenated, thus favoring water penetration and a bio-depurative exchange of polluting substances. It improves biological purification capacities and encourages microorganisms’ reproduction; it is safe, natural and efficient, even under pH and temperature values that constitute extreme conditions for biological life.

Introduce the product directly dosed in the humidification water or manually using a pump for the sprinkling process.

Every week, dose 0,02 kg per m3 of filtering mass in humidification water.

Store at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C, avoiding cold temperatures and heat sources.
Keep the container closed when not in use.

Wash with abundant water in case of contact with eyes or skin.
In case of ingestion, drink abundant water and go to a physician.
As a precaution, wash your hands after handling the product.

Never unload the product as such in sewerage ducts, pits, drains or water streams.
Avoid throwing the container after use and dispose of it according to norms in force in the country of destination.

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