Treatment of fats deriving from industrial kitchens

Zero impact biodegradable probiotic product formulated to eliminate fats and organic substances in kitchens drains and in fat traps.

Available in 20 L plastic tanks.

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Why choose Smasher?

  • It avoids long and costly procedures required to set up fat traps
  • It eliminates costly mechanical cleaning operations
  • It eliminates risks due to strongly alkaline products or acids 
  • It ensures a natural and ecological water cleaning process 
  • It degrades organic substances 
  • It keeps bugs and pathogenous bacteria away from drains, ensuring a healthy environment 
  • It eliminates smells thanks to the deodorizing component 
  • It does not contain substances classified as dangerous for the environment 
  • It does not need pictograms on labels signalling a danger
  • Packaging made of “second life” recycled plastic materials

Smasher is a biodegradable liquid product that ensures a long lasting degreasing action

It consists of:

- a mix of natural selected and concentrated microorganisms;
- Bacillus species bacterial spores (specific to degrade fats and organic substances that settle in kitchens drains and fat traps);
- cellular enzymes;
- natural extracts.

Probiotic microorganisms present in Smasher are: 

- carefully selected
- producing specific hydrolases in view of organic substances biochemical degradation and transformation;
- non pathogenic;
- not genetically modified;
- safe for humankind, animals and the environment.

Furthermore, this product guarantees an immediate odours neutralization action thanks to multi-component essential oils based on a secret formula. 

Dose the product once / twice a day, directly downstream of the siphon in the sink or basin used to wash dishes. Better in the late evening / at night, in order to give the product the necessary time to give a result. 

Dose the product with a timed automatic system. 

- Small users - 20/30 meals / day: daily dose of 100 g approximately.

- Average users - 100/200 meals / day: daily dose of 200/250 g approximately.

- Big users - 200/500 meals / day: daily dose of 300/500 g approximately.

- Keep at temperatures ranging from 5° C to 35° C, protected from cold temperatures and heat sources.
- Keep the container closed when not in use.
- Wash with abundant water in case of contact with eyes or skin.
- In case of ingestion, drink abundant water and go to a physician.
- Never discard the product as such in sewers, pits, drainage ducts or water streams.
- Avoid dispersing the container after use, and dispose of it according to rules in force in the country of use.

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