LT Sorb

Treatment of malodorous odors in liquid matrixes and sludge

A concentrated liquid product of organic nature based on zinc to be diluted in water. It is ideal for neutralizing odors in liquid and sludge matrices.

Plastic tanks of 25 liters.

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Why choose LT Sorb?

  • provides odor concentration abatement efficiencies in excess of 90%
  • not alter the wash water
  • not alter the treated matrix
  • not corrosive
  • not hazardous
  • non-toxic and non-microbicidal
  • broad spectrum of action
  • reduces the corrosive effect of H2S
  • provides for minimal installation costs
  • requires minimal dosages
  • easy to use
  • rapid results
  • is not a biological preparation and therefore efficiency is not affected by parameters such as temperature, humidity, nutrient supply

LT Sorb is a liquid preparation of organic nature based on zinc. Specifically, it is a mixture based on organic oxoacids salified with zinc.

The odorigenic molecule binds indissolubly and irreversibly to the zinc complex, making it no longer volatile and therefore olfactively neutral.

LT Sorb acts in the presence of water on matrices contaminated with water-soluble odorants. For this reason, treatment of matrices with dry matter greater than 60% may not guarantee significant results in terms of efficiency.

The product can be dosed into a liquid phase through a metering pump or onto a denser phase (sludge, solid) through aerodispersion.

For better odor abatement efficiency, it is recommended that LT Sorb be dosed using a metering pump. In particular, if it is applied in the vicinity of:

  • sludge in thickening/storage tanks, it is best to use a metering pump in the sludge feed to the tank or directly into the tank
  • sludge in dewatering with a filter press or centrifuge, it is best to use a metering pump that can be programmed by dosing in a polypreparator.

LT Sorb is especially used to neutralize odors in liquid matrices and sludge.

The dosage of LT Sorb varies depending on the application area. When applied near:

  • wastewater in pipes or tanks the expected dosage is 10-100 ml/m3 of effluent
  • sludge in thickening/storage tanks the expected dosage is 20-200 ml/m3 of sludge
  • sludge being dewatered by filter press or centrifuge the expected dosage is 200-1000 ml/T of sludge

  • Store at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C, avoiding cold temperatures and heat sources.
  • Keep the container closed when not in use.
  • Wash with abundant water in case of contact with eyes or skin.
  • In case of ingestion, drink abundant water and go to a physician.
  • Never unload the product as such in sewerage ducts, pits, drains or water streams.
  • Avoid throwing the container after use and dispose of it according to norms in force in the country of destination.

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