LT Sorb

Treatment of malodorous odors in liquid matrixes and sludge

It degrades fats and organic substances that settle in kitchens drains and traps for fats, with cellular enzymes and natural extracts. It is a completely biodegradable probiotic product having zero impact.

Plastic tanks of 25 liters.

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Why choose LT Sorb?

  • No effect on washing water
  • No impact on treated matrix
  • Significant improvement of odor abatement efficiency
  • Minimum installation costs
  • Minimum dosing
  • Easy to use, with immediate reaction
  • As it is not a biological product, efficiency is not subject to parameters such as temperature, dampness, nutrients intake

LT SORB is a product ready to use, liquid, chemical, organic in nature, non-corrosive and non-dangerous, with a zinc base.

The olfactometric problem of pumpable liquid matrixes and sludge is due to the solubility of odorous gases in a watery phase, as well as environment, allowing for the development of malodorous substances.

The main characteristic of this product is that the odorous molecule indissolubly and irreversibly links to the zinc complex, so that it becomes no more volatile, thus neutral from an olfactometric point of view.

 LT SORB acts in the presence of water on all matrixes contaminated by water-soluble odorous substances. This is why the treatment of matrixes with more than 60% of dry substance might not allow for significant efficiency results.

The product may be dosed in a liquid phase with the help of a dosing pump or on a denser material (sludge, solid) through air dispersion. It guarantees abatement efficiencies of odor concentration higher than 90% in the fields of application investigated.

It is used through a metering pump that feeds the sludge to the tank, or directly into the tank. The metering pump can also be programmed dosing in a polypreparator.

Dosing varies according to the application area:

  • Wastewaters in ducts or tanks --> 10-100 ml/m3 of effluent
  • Sludge in settling / storage tanks --> 20-200 ml/m3 of sludge
  • Dehydrating sludge with filter-press or centrifuge--> 200-1000 ml/T of sludge

Store at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C, avoiding cold temperatures and heat sources.
Keep the container closed when not in use.

Wash with abundant water in case of contact with eyes or skin.
In case of ingestion, drink abundant water and go to a physician.

Never unload the product as such in sewerage ducts, pits, drains or water streams.
Avoid throwing the container after use and dispose of it according to norms in force in the country of destination.

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