Treatment for dust abatement


For diffused emissions, Labiotest proposes the use of Trap Dust systems.

Their operation is an imitation of what happens in nature. The machine uses specific nozzles to distribute tiny drops of water that collide with dust particles, envelope them and have them fall to the ground due to gravity.

Also under difficult operational conditions, it is possible to get a minimum abatement of 50% of dust present in the air.


For conveyed emissions, Labiotest suggests using specific cyclones filters (in the picture) and/or bag filters capable of performing an activity of automatic dust removal.

They are designed to operate under extreme conditions, with a continuous operation and with a possible countercurrent cleaning of the filtering fabric. They can treat air containing very thin dusts, while maintaining a very high collection rate, also in the case of particles having dimensions lower than 1 micron.

The field of application is definitively quite vast: from coarse dust up to dust with submicron dimensions (0,20 - 0,25 microns).

Abatement rates, with suitable filtering surfaces, exceed 97%.