Osmogenic barrier

Osmogenic barriers operate using dilution water and specific products. 

These products contain elements that are hydrophobic, consisting of rather long hydrocarbons chains. They have properties enabling them to form various types of large molecular units, called micelles.


Osmogenic barriers are the only solutions in case of diffused emissions, when conveying is not possible. However, they are also efficient when the conveying of emissions takes place with the help of bars equipped with spraying nozzles directly set up inside the fumes exhausting stacks.

These solutions are also helpful in the case of activities using chemical and physical methods with the help of washing towers (scrubbers), absorbing towers, or biological methods, such as biofilters.

They are efficient when assembled upstream or downstream of the equipment.

Olfactometric investigations performed in compliance with standard UNI EN 13725:2004 tested all the abatement efficiencies of solutions offered by Labiotest.

Tests have shown that efficiency exceeds 75% in the fields of application investigated.


Global Service

It is possible to supply all the spraying equipment as a GLOBAL SERVICE. This innovative service makes it possible for the client to avoid an immediate payment to purchase the equipment.

Labiotest guarantees the complete monitoring and maintenance service against the payment of a monthly fee.