Biological activators: the eco-solution for odor elimination in waste and hydraulic systems

Learn about the innovative solution for sustainable management of organic waste responsible for unpleasant odors and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

Biological activators, or probiotic products, are an innovative solution for a sustainable management of organic waste causing unpleasant odors and the maintenance of drainage systems.

Such products, having a formula containing selected bacterial strains, provide a safe, effective, and eco-friendly approach to degrading organic substances in order drainage systems, on surfaces, and in grease traps.

These products are commonly used in environments where unpleasant odors are a problem, such as wastewater treatment plants, landfills, industrial facilities, or areas with accumulated decomposing organic matter. Biological activators may help reduce unwanted odors by enhancing the efficiency of natural decomposition processes.

In this article, we go into the details of biological activators, of their action, safety level, and environmental impact, and differences compared to other products.

What are biological activators?

Biological activators are blends of selected bacterial strains that are non-pathogenic and safe for the environment. Belonging to Biological Risk Class Level 1, these products are generally acknouledged as safe (GRAS) and do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Their primary function is the biodegradation and transformation of organic substances into water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and simple compounds.

Forms of Biological Activators

Biological activators are available in liquid form and in probiotic detergent formulas.

Liquid biological activators are essential for the management of organic waste, as they contain only spore-forming bacterial strains belonging to the Bacillus genus, stabilized in liquid form. The spore, a dormant cellular structure, protects the microorganism, which activates upon contact with water (dilution phase) and organic nutrients. Once activated, the spores colonize the surface, triggering a reproduction process through binary fission, which continues until the depletion of nutrients.

In given products, microorganisms are integrated into detergent formulas where the surfactants are eco-friendly, easily biodegradable, and hazard-free, eliminating the need for risk hazard symbols or danger indications. These probiotic detergent formulations represent an advanced solution for deep cleaning while promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Action in drains, on surfaces, and in grease traps

Biological activators are dosed directly on surfaces or in drains. Once in contact with organic substances (dirt, deposits, incrustations, leachates, etc.), the spores activate and produce enzymes that effectively decompose the material. This preventive long-term activity prevents the formation of unpleasant odors, contributing to the control of pathogenic growth through biological antagonism process.

Scientific evidence and environmental safety

The use of biological activators is supported by in-depth studies demonstrating the effectiveness of bacterial strains in degrading organic substrates. The selection of natural, non-pathogenic, and non-GMO bacteria guarantee environmental safety. Long lasting use contributes positively to the biological balance of the environment.

Tests performed have demonstrated the products' activity in both closed systems (simulated in vitro tests) and open systems (tests in public places, hotels, etc.). All tests have confirmed the effectiveness of various Labiotest biological deodorizing products.

Environmental benefits and control of pathogenic bacterial growth

Long lasting use of biological activators demonstrates effectiveness in preventing persistent odors and reducing the presence of pathogenic bacteria. Biological activators biologically compete with harmful microorganisms, promoting the growth of beneficial strains. This natural process contributes to environmental control and the maintenance of a balanced sewage system.

Differences compared to other products and quality control

Labiotest biological activators stand out compared to other products as they are developed tailor-made for specific activity areas and types of organic pollutants. A rigorous quality control system ensures the integrity and purity of the products, with stringent microbiological controls at the end of the process.

Labiotest's biological deodorizing products provide a safe, sustainable, and effective solution for odor elimination in drains, on surfaces, and inside grease traps. Supported by scientific evidence, these products offer an innovative approach to maintaining environmental cleanliness and controlling pathogenic bacterial growth, thus contributing to the well-being of people, animals, and the environment.

Biological activators stand out from conventional chemical products for their delicacy, safety, and ability to offer targeted solutions. Their positive impact on the environment, combined with conscious management, makes these products a responsible choice for managing organic waste and maintaining drainage systems.

Choosing the right biological activator

In general, the effectiveness of biological activators depends on the properchoice of the product based on specific environmental requirements and conditions. Regular use of these products can contribute to keeping hydraulic systems and treated surfaces clean and odor-free.

Biological products we offer for odor elimination include:

  • LT WASTE: ideal for cleaning and abatement of odors in MSW bins.
  • LT Plus: suitable for maintaining the efficiency of biofilters.
  • LT Filter: for reactivating biofiltering material.
  • Smasher: ideal for treating grease in industrial kitchen drains.

To find out which product is best fit to your company's requirements, contact us, and our technicians will provide the necessary support to help you make the right choice.