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Labiotest joins the program "Workplace health promotion"

A down-to-the-point program to promote health and safety in workplaces.

Having had the conviction for quite a long time that companies must be places contributing to people’s comfort and health, we joined the program entitled “Workplace health promotion - WHP FVG Network”. 

This is a program, agreed upon by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and Confindustria Alto Adriatico, promoted by the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) FVG Network. 

Its purpose is actually that of stimulating a “new philosophy” within companies, to have work environments become areas also dedicated to health education, where to adopt healthy habits, whether concerning food or various activities.

Whp is a program recommended by WHO - World Health Organization – to support health promotion in work environments and try to prevent behavioral factors presenting risks and leading to chronic and degenerative diseases. Its purpose is also to promote active aging, remaining in good health. All of this through organizational changes within companies, in order to encourage and facilitate the adoption of healthy behaviors. 

What does the program foresee?

The program targets – as foreseen by the Regional Prevention Program of Region FVG1 - are the following: 

  • making workplaces environments where to become more aware of positive behaviors allowing for a healthy life style;
  • reducing preventable and avoidable aspects of morbidity, mortality and disability.

The expectation is that of ensuring the possible psychophysical comfort of workers and thus, also that of the community.

Therefore, companies that joined this program as Labiotest should:

  • encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits, also by stipulating agreements, as an example, for an automatic distribution of healthy food, and organizing areas where to eat food from home;
  • stimulate active life habits, such as the use of staircases instead of lifts or that of a bicycle instead of a car, also organizing groups of employees meeting for walks;
  • stipulate conventions for subscriptions at favorable rates in sports centers in the surroundings of the company (e.g. gyms, swimming pools) and for the purchase of sporting attire and equipment;
  • prevent smoking (by supporting those who choose to stop smoking) and other behaviors demonstrating some kind of addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling), with the help of useful information to become acquainted with the necessary procedures to get support in case of need, not only for oneself, but also for colleagues and families. 

Certification proving program sharing

Companies involved in this virtuous program are rewarded, as they go beyond any legal obligation (regarding health and safety in workplaces), by trying to offer their employees healthy work environments. 

Competent sanitary authorities on the territory release a certificate acknowledging the company as “Workplace Health Promotion”, if the foreseen actions have been enforced. 

For more information, we suggest you read the article on the newspaper Sole 24 Ore